“Education through Theater”

    This project is focused on assimilation of polish language, history and culture by children. Performances/Workshops created for kids using various puppet techniques and theatrical forms will be used as a great tool to open children imagination and develop the language skills. Our goal is to present a great educational tool to support teachers and parents in their efforts to help their kids. This project is directed towards Polish Saturday Schools and USA Schools.

    “Home Theatre Form”

    A number of projects regarding historical anniversaries and holiday events based on music, poetry and Polish songs that will be perform by a small group of artists.For example, Christmas season with Polish artists in December and January or Polish Independence Day with Polish patriotic songs ...

    “Make Music New York”

    This is an annual event organized by City of New York. PTI has been participating in this event for the past 10 years. In 2015 we intend to enlarge the group of actors and create new points on the map of New York where the Institute will present a small theatrical form that promotes Poland and Polish Culture.The performances are free - there are no charges for admission. Donations are very welcome!

    “Medieval Festival at Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park”

    This is an annual festival that brings to life the customs and spirit of the Middle Ages. Polish Medieval Town will be represented by all artists that already work with PTI or would like to work with the Polish Theatre Institute in the future. All Musicians, painters, actors and singers are welcome. Polish traditional food will be served. The festival is free - there are no charges for admission or entertainment. Donations are very welcome!

    “Script Readings”

    We plan to read the scripts of 3 polish authors with the probability of the realization a performance in Polish and English….